Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

The holidays were exciting and full of blessings. I spent some quiet time thinking of the people I really wish were still with us, and how much I miss Christmas on the farm in North Carolina. I honored some old Christmas traditions from my family and Jeff's, and he and I worked on building a few new ones. We came home from listening to my father-in-law (officially in twelve days!) read The Night Before Christmas to Jeff and Robyn, and we put together a sausage and leek breakfast casserole for the next morning. Even though we had to leave early Christmas to celebrate at a few other homes, we were able to eat a huge serving and fill our bellies with some healthy stuff before leaving the kitties to roll around with their new mice and feathers.

I'm so in love with the family I have nearby, and with Jeff's family who offers love and acceptance in ways I've never known before. There were times this holiday season when it felt like love was swelling up inside me and bursting through my crown, shooting out and joining the love coming from everyone else in a huge, swirling pool of energy. There's so much love around right now, and I'm so glad that I'm able to open up and see it every once in a while.

Our wedding is less than two weeks away! Our hometown potluck celebration is this Saturday. There's still lots to do, but I'm calm about it today. I had a major freakout a few mornings ago, and my sister and her two beautiful daughters helped me go out and pick up some supplies and hammer down the centerpiece ideas. My sisters and Andrea will be coming over Friday night to help me put them together and get a few other things ready. I'm so fortunate to have the support I've had through this entire planning process.

I don't do resolutions. I spend most of the rest of the year battling the inner voice that constantly tells me I'm not good enough, and that if I'm not working towards a new goal, I'm drowning in old habits. This is true sometimes. But not all the time, and that's how often that inner voice likes to bug me about it. And I've found that even when I don't make lists, set goals, berate myself for my failures, or keep a written progress record... I still change. I still move forward in my life. I still improve.

Rather than resolutions, I like to set a bucket list for the year. I found the idea from a blog several years ago, one that created 36 goals for 365 days of the new year. Jeff and I are creating our annual bucket list for 2013, consisting of 6 personal items for each of us, and 24 items for us to complete together. We haven't come up with all our items together yet, but I'm hoping to document our journey with the list this year and post blog entries with photos to share some of our adventures.

I don't do resolutions, but I am always up for adventures!