Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Screw Resolutions. Here's My 2015 Bucket List!

I don't do resolutions, because I don't like to fail so concretely. I fail softly enough on a day-to-day basis. I do, however, make a small bucket list every year, and I really wish I could remember where I got the idea. I know it was from another blogger several years ago, but google is not helping me out. Anyways, so this idea is not mine. No credit to me for this.

36 goals for 365 days! Like I already mentioned, I think of this list as more of a bucket list than a list of goals. I like to fill it with things that get me excited about the next twelve months. Some of the things are just for fun, like this year's plan to start and finish three cross-stitch projects. Some of them are fun but also push me a little outside of my comfort zone. I've got a goal to get to the movie theater six times this year (I think I only went twice last year! It's so expensive and I fall asleep hrmph.) to include one trip by myself. I have a ridiculously illogical fear of going to the movies by myself, and I've never done it. Gonna do it! Some of the goals are really not fun at all, but they're small things that I know I'll take pride in completing and will lead to a greater overall sense of fulfillment. The biggest example of this is my spring and fall cleaning goal. Groan.

I'll post my list here, and I'll try to check in on the blog every once in a while to report my progress. I've already gotten a few of my items take care of, and am feeling energized and optimistic about the new calendar year beginning!

  1. Attend a session at Ekoji in Richmond once.
  2. Go camping three times.
  3. Go on one overnight trip by myself.
  4. Read fifteen fiction books.
  5. Read four nonfiction books.
  6. Cook a new recipe for Jeffrey six times.
  7. Teach a fitness class to someone.
  8. Obtain my personal trainer certification.
  9. See my sister's kids at least bimonthly.
  10. Hand write three love notes to Jeffrey.
  11. Go to six movies in the theater, at least one solo.
  12. Go on three day hikes.
  13. Walk the Noland Trail six times.
  14. Track steps per week and miles per month with the Fitbit.
  15. Get rid of three bags full of clothes.
  16. Follow the core virtues practice twice through.
  17. Spring clean in April, Fall clean in November.
  18. Finish three cross-stitch patterns.
  19. Complete my first quilt just for myself.
  20. Try the New Rules of Lifting program and track for one month.
  21. Write ten thank you notes to friends and family.
  22. Visit Philly family.
  23. Find and subscribe to a decent hip hop blog.
  24. Participate in four races, at least one 10K or longer.
  25. Walk down the driveway with Jeff twenty times.
  26. Write in my journal once per month.
  27. Obtain liability insurance for fitness instructors.
  28. Eat at Echard's.
  29. Visit three new breweries and three new wineries.
  30. Try a comedy routine at an open mic night.
  31. Visit the mountains in the fall with Jeffrey.
  32. Consolidate daily stuff from the tote to the planner.
  33. Download some language learning podcasts and listen.
  34. Read a Rumi poem once each month.
  35. Sew myself a pencil skirt.
  36. Try two new yoga teachers.

I hope someone out there gets any kind of inspiration from my list!